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NFT marketplace

- Development of smart contracts.
- Creation of custom NFT tokens: Ethereum ERC721, ERC1155 Binance Smart Chain BEP721, BEP1155.
- Development of a website for creating NFT tokens.
- Launch of the NFT marketplace.
- 24/7 consultation.


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NFT site design and development

With a deep knowledge of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, smart contracts, and IPFS protocols, our team develops and builds a user-oriented NFT marketplace platform where users can create and trade NFTs.

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Creating a smart contract

We offer NFT smart contract development and audit services to ensure the error-free operation of smart contracts, as well as seamless automation of NFT transactions.

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NFT site support and maintenance

We constantly monitor, maintain, and offer support for managing third-party updates, new OS releases, and ensure that nodes are always up and running.

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Network Users


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How we work.

Bring your ideas to life with our NFT service. Create, create and earn with us. Our experts will help you create your own high-quality service and top-end NFT platform.

Project calculation

Order a call and we will calculate the cost and duration of the project.


We will help you draw up a technical task for development and sign a contract.


We will make and test your NFT product as soon as possible.


We will give you a ready-to-use NFT product with a guarantee of operation.

Our case studies

NFT use cases.


NFTs verify and register ownership: rare baseball cards purchased on the blockchain are collectibles.



NFTs help gamers securely transfer in-game assets, such as a rare skin or avatar, and provide proof of authenticity.

Software licenses

NFTs help you manage your software licenses. Each license is represented by an NFT that is signed and authenticated by its owner.

Asset lifecycle management

By converting an asset to an NFT, trading assets and transferring ownership of assets / tokens becomes simple and fast.

Trading Platform

NFT marketplaces offer a wide range of NFTs, including digital art, domain names, virtual lands, and other collectibles to buy, sell, and explore.

Subscribe to content

The NFT platform allows public figures and celebrities to tokenize their content and allows people to buy a subscription to view the content of their favorite celebrities.


Now artists can openly trade their work on the NFT platform without worrying about copyright theft or content copying.


NFTs allow musicians to tokenize their creations and put them on the market. This not only attracts music lovers to the NFT platform, but also eliminates music piracy.


NFTs are used to tokenize virtual lands and place them on the open market, which allows an interested audience to place bets on property.


NFT Creation Process

Business-optimized NFT development process

First, we study your case and collect functional and non-functional requirements. Once we have identified your system's dependencies and further integration, we will recommend the blockchain, token standard, and shared technology stack.

  • Idea and market research
  • Scope of the NFT project
  • Tokenomics concept
  • Wireframes and custom threads
  • Roadmap and assessment

Upon request, we develop a short whitepaper with a market-specific product overview, business aspects, and risk analysis. The document focuses on a comparative analysis of competitive projects, which highlights the undeniable advantages of your NFT solution.

  • Problem statement
  • Technology Overview
  • Monetization
  • Use of funds
  • Road map

Once the team has completed research and development, it starts planning user interaction. We meet with clients to identify their target groups, assess their entry barriers, and clarify their expectations for design and effects.

  • Completion of the idea project
  • Testing the integrity of UX flows
  • Mapping the client's path
  • Appearance and design
  • Prototyping web and mobile applications

To test the viability of the solution and avoid potential inefficiencies, we create basic functions to launch the product. The most important element here is to ensure that the smart contract logic is working properly and uncompromising performance. To quickly launch your product in an ultra-short time frame, we can use our own CryptoAPI .

  • Smart Contract Engineering
  • Test Network Deployment
  • Backend and frontend development
  • API and gateway design
  • Third-party integrations

We invest in the longevity of your product through holistic quality control — from blockchain network verification and storage security to stress testing and load testing. Enjoy strong authorization and encryption that prevents mining and other malicious attacks.

  • Manual and automated testing
  • Cybersecurity testing
  • Functional, integration, and performance testing
  • Full operation of the system in the test network
  • Comprehensive external audit

If any flaws are discovered and fixed early, we will not leave you without help once your collectible market or NFT is up and running. Please contact us at any time for post-launch service and functionality development based on feedback.

  • Deploying the main network
  • Launching target platforms
  • Technical support and website
  • User engagement Analysis
  • Developing new features

More information about our services

What else can we do?


NFT Development

No matter what assets or ideas you want to convert into cryptographic NFTs, we can handle it from the very beginning or take over the project. Think about your most ambitious business goals — we'll help you surpass them all. Targeted NFTs and smart contracts. Interoperability and optimization of transaction costs. Launch on target platforms. Contract deployment and maintenance.

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NFT Ecosystem Development

Request seamless NFT ecosystems — we will create blockchain networks and metaverses with smart contract transaction verification. We develop and integrate hosting platforms and trading platforms, as well as implement large-scale token standards. Payment and storage solutions UI / UX, websites of NFT trading platforms. NFT dApps for forward compatibility.

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Creating an NFT marketplace

Ask us to create a convenient NFT trading platform with a blockchain-based crypto wallet protected by a hardware-level security protocol. Expect an ultra-smooth management infrastructure for continuous user growth and trading volume. Open and permitted NFT trading platforms. FP, auctions and packaging of commercial models Advanced verification systems.

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Smart contract Audit

Eliminate cybersecurity breaches, loss of funds, and blocking of smart contract assets. Legally binding, your NFTs need protection from DoS attacks, re-entry, DeFi hacks, and advanced threats before deployment and beyond. Code freezing and verification. Manual, automated, and functional analysis. Vulnerability detection, patching, and reporting

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Developing a credit platform

To help you gain profit and liquidity opportunities beyond asset downtime, we help build NFT lending platforms by developing your financial models. Use smart contracts as escrow, easily borrow and lend funds using tokens as collateral or rent. Reliable lending protocols. Unauthorized access to the credit pool. Identification of bad loans.

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NFT consulting

Ask us to tell you the ins and outs of NFT development, improve existing strategies, or develop new ones that don't just sound good on paper. We develop concepts without operational gaps and help you scale exponentially faster than you think. NFT Idea for Business Insightful strategy audit and fine-tuning. Selecting a token and protocol, and mapping tokenomics. Progress tracking and support.

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